Finding Product Ideas (Part 1)

Coming up with an amazing idea for a product can come when you least expect it. Prodcut creation is a fundamental part of most businesses, with the exception of a few models such as affiliate marketing and drop shipping.

Picture yourself showering or going for a brisk walk in the sunshine and you suddenly have a lightbulb moment, almost like an epiphany.

Yeah this happens in a very small percentage of cases. In reality, the majority of people will need to actively seek out the product they end up selling. The internet is packed full of product ideas that you could consider for your online e-commerce business.

In this two part chapter, we will show you the best places to look for product idea inspiration. While going through this list, don’t just think about the products. Think about the potential each product has in terms of the way it can be used, as well as new ways in can be imagined.

Start With Ideas You Already Have

Before you start scouring the internet for product ideas, its best to start with what you have in your head. You’ve most likely got a few product ideas that you’ve been pondering. It may be an idea that you’ve had for years or potentially a problem that you’ve had in your own life that no product has solved.

A few questions to consider when finding product ideas: 

  • What products and niches are you passionate about?
  • What products and niches are you friends crazy about?
  • What pain points and frustrations do you have in your life that could be helped or resolved by a product or service?

Let me give you an example: Max Valverde made the choice to solve a problem he was having every single morning. I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate to this one too. Max has bed head, every morning, without fail. Most guys have to wash their hair to get rid of the dreaded bed head! So Max created a product to solve this problem. Introducing Morning Head. A shower cap with a built in absorbent towel that you can soak with water and place on your head to get it ready for styling. Genius!

Your Local Community

The idea for the perfect product to sell online could be right on your doorstep. Brick and mortar businesses have been about for much longer than their e-commerce competition. Looking for local trends could help find spark that creative genius inside you the leads onto you finding the perfect product to promote. Do some research into your local community and find out about the products and services that are being sold. Find out if local business products and models can be translated into online opportunities for you.

Let me give you an example: Yummy Tummy Soup Company discovered a great opportunity in the marketplace for taking a brick and mortar concept and transforming it into an online business opportunity. This company sends out healthy soups, cakes and pastries in a well thought out care package. They cook and bake their goods daily and send them out to consumers in beautiful, temperature controlled boxes.

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