Finding Product Ideas (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of the previous post about finding the perfect product for you to promote in your ecommerce online business. If you haven’t read the first post you can go here to check it out.


Believe it or not, instagram isn’t just meme’s and savage videos of people doing crazy shit. It is a fantastic way to find new product ideas. The fact that Instagram is photo-based makes it easy to shuffle through lots of product ideas in a short space of time.

Here are a couple of ways to maximise your Instagram research time:

  • Hashtags – If you have an interest in a certain product category or field, you can search relevant hashtags and see what comes up. Another great thing you can do is to search hashtags that suggest buyer intent.
  • Product Curation – There are plenty of Instagram accounts that post curated content. You want to search for accounts in industries that you actually have an interest in. Doing this can help you find your next big product idea!

Consumer Trend Publications

I can’t think of a better way to find products than to leverage the research of companies the specialise in telling us the trends that are currently happening in the marketplace. Checking trend publications can be a fantastic way to gain a sense of trend direction in terms of the consumer. Following these publications can also expose you to brand new product ideas and industries you may have not even thought about but do actually have an interest in.

Check out these trend publications:

Trend Hunter – This is the worlds largest as well as most popular trend community. It has a global community of over 137,000 members all over the world. A fantastic source of ideas for entrepreneurs that are looking for new product ideas.

Springwise – There are tons of business ideas that operate in specific ways and have to be marketed using a certain type of process and technique. Springwise is a company that travels the world, on the hunt for product ideas and inspirations. They publish daily and weekly newsletters that you can subscribe too, free of charge!

Product Review Blogs

Product review blogs can be a wicked source of product ideas for you. These blogs are normally operate by affiliate marketers who buy, use and review these products for everyone. This is a great way for you to get some inspiration and find out about some of the most popular products that people are bringing to the market.

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  1. I found the trend publications really useful in helping me find an awesome product idea. Thanks for writing this!

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