The Predictive Guide To Marketing Automation For 2017

2016 was a fantastic year for marketing automation. Roughly 55% of B2B companies are using marketing automation as part of their marketing strategy. 91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. All types of businesses are utilising marketing automation to increase generation of leads and sales.

What can we expect to see in 2017? If the last year was anything to go by then we’re in for a heck of a year in the world of marketing automation.

2017 is the year of the customer – Technology has become the forefront for businesses all over the world and made it so much easier for companies to merge and expand at a very fast rate. The competition nowadays is fierce but on the flip side, it’s great for customers because it forces companies to innovate and provide amazing products and services.

2017 is going to be a massive year for customer retention as companies fight against each other in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded. Consumers know they have a lot of choice and they aren’t afraid to jump ship if they find a better deal.

Companies across the world will need to improve their marketing strategies as well as their customer service to offer more personalised experiences for their consumers.

In 2017, more companies will realise that marketing automation is paramount to increasing ROI for marketing campaigns. The uptake of marketing automation technology will increase and a bigger chunk of company budgets will be put towards improving marketing automation strategies.

Customer advocacy will be the goal in 2017 

It’s one thing to keep a customer, but turning them into a raving fan makes them so much more profitable. Recommendations from friends are powerful and have made companies rich over the years. Apple has absolutely smashed this with their brand. Why are people so obsessed with everything when it comes to Apple? Because they have earned advocacy in their market. They have millions of raving fans all over the world who act as brand ambassadors for free.

Marketing teams will change

Hiring a specialist for a certain job makes sense. You need specialists to help you get specific jobs done. However, this may not always be the best approach. For example, you may find that you have a designer that needs to understand more technical aspects of marketing like dynamic content and responsive design. In addition to this, they will need to have an understanding of how their role ties into the over marketing automation strategy of the business.

A marketing team that operates strategically and understand each other’s individual role in the project is a team that will definitely succeed.

We will also see more technical people in marketing teams. As marketing automation evolves and becoming more complex, you’ll need to hire people who understand how these platforms work. People who fully understand how your systems work and how they can be integrated with the latest marketing automation technology.

Integration uptake will increase

Communication is the most important thing for any team, regardless of the department you work in. The CRM your team uses needs to communicate with your marketing automation platform, which also needs to know what’s going on with your content marketing, social media and paid advertising. Reporting and optimising will become much easier when all systems are integrated and talking to each other.

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